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FWS Podcast

Mar 2, 2023

In this episode we ask the very important question, “What Does It Mean to Be Arminian?” Historically, there have been many different definitions of the term “Arminian” and it becomes very confusing. To add to the confusion the term “Arminian” means something else in different historical eras and even in different countries throughout history! In this episode we make a distinction between “Arminianism of the Heart” and “Arminianism of the Head.” Unfortunately, many of the later Remonstrants and the English Arminians in England and New England were liberal “Arminians of the Head.” It was really John Wesley who recovered true Arminian theology and restored a theological movement based on “Arminianism of the Heart.” Our hope is that through this episode people will begin to see that true Arminianism is “Arminianism of the Heart” taught by Jacob Arminius, John Wesley, and all their Protestant, Orthodox, Evangelical heirs.