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FWS Podcast

Feb 23, 2023

This episode is entirely devoted to the Doctrine of Justification with specific emphasis on what Wesley and Arminius had to say about Imputation. We realize there is a lot of debate and confusion today about the Doctrine of Justification. It is important for Wesleyans and Arminians to see what their theological founders had to say. To do this we will be reading and discussing a variety of secondary and primary sources on Justification and Imputation. It is clear that both Wesley and Arminius stood with the Protestant Reformers on this issue.

We will also spend time focusing on three aspects of Justification that both Wesley and Arminius had in common: (1) they both expressed agreement with John Calvin (2) they both did not want to make a distinction between the “Active” and “Passive” righteousness of Christ in their Doctrine of Imputation and (3) they both taught that “Faith is Imputed for Righteousness” and for this they were criticized by their Reformed contemporaries.  Please visit the theologians page of our website to find links to all the books we references in this episode. We encourage you to buy them and read them all for yourself.